Application Development

We deliver application and system development solutions that liberate the value of your data. Our consultants not only gather your requirements, but also analyze the existing infrastructure from a technological and organizational standpoint, ensuring that our recommendation will integrate seamlessly and function as part of your long-term technology strategy.

Our proprietary Systems Development Life Cycle Methodology ensures accurate estimates, complete documentation, thorough testing, and consistent quality. From contact management to enterprise resource planning, our solutions are designed to provide an enduring solution.

The goal of PAATAM Technologies's Application Development division is to determine which combination of software applications best suits your company's needs. It is an iterative process which begins with researching and compiling a list of products that meet your basic requirements. Based on several key factors, we systematically narrow the list to a few best-fit packages. These factors include the number of features that match the initial list of requirements, feedback from key people within your organization, and analysis of the infrastructure (technological and organizational). At this point, PAATAM Technologies begins comprehensive research to make a targeted recommendation.

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