PAATAM Technology Services is a worldwide leader in customized career transition solutions and also offers a wide range of organizational consulting services, including talent management, leadership development, and organizational performance services. We help businesses manage the entire lifecycle of their employees. The company specializes in permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; employee assessment; training; career transition and organizational consulting services. The focus of PAATAM Technology s work is on raising productivity through improved quality, efficiency and cost-reduction, enabling customers to concentrate on their core business activities.

PAATAM Technologies Technology has an ongoing plan to create a culture of openness in our business unit, to recruit and retain a first-rate workforce, and to develop future leaders in a business unit destined to lead the industry. IT works to improve the growth and development of our employees through Mentor and Intern programs focused on identifying leaders of the future and continuing to build a workforce of diversity. If you want to be a part of PAATAM Technology work force submit your résumés at and we will contact you directly.

PAATAM Technologies specializes in Information Technology and Health Care staffing. Many of our staffing specialists have strong Industry backgrounds, and they are uniquely qualified to match you with top assignments that are suited to your skill set. You can rest assured that your skills will be matched with the most appropriate and challenging jobs and your compensation will always be very competitive. We offer a variety of exciting and immediate opportunities for Programming professionals, Team Leads, Project Managers, Analysts, Architects, Testers, Validation Engineers as well as many other IT and Business positions

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