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Placing great people in the right positions is the key to achieving outstanding business and career development results. Operating with a huge network of associates in many markets across the United States, PAATAM Technologies has gained the respect of job seekers and employers alike by matching the right people with the right employers. And that means great results for all concerned.

PAATAM Technologies Technologies is a leader in delivering staffing services and innovative workforce technology solutions in a variety of industries. Whether you are seeking employment or a new employee, our holistic approach to temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire staffing will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Our unique candidate recruiting, testing and delivery process that helps us place not only the right person with the right skills but with the right attitude.

PAATAM Technologies Technologies, Inc is committed to delivering value-added staffing solutions to their clients. Through a combination of years of staffing experience, constant research and development of innovative technology and strategic partnerships, PAATAM Technologies is able to drive measurable results in recruitment and workforce management.

Proprietary workforce management and time capture tool that provides instant accessibility to data that manages temporary workforce, controls expenses, and enhances operational productivity.

PAATAM Technologies has provided personnel solutions for thousands of companies throughout the United States. Experience helps us to turn staffing challenges into solutions.

The PAATAM Technologies logo embodies the key element behind the company's success - relationships. A unique balance exists between PAATAM Technologies, its clients and its associates. In all the years of growth and change, one thing has remained the same - dedication to unmatchable customer service while providing opportunities for staff, temporary associates and clients by Uniting Talent with opportunity.

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